This past year, for each ACBC graduate, there were ministry opportunity offers from four pastors, pulpit committees, Christian school principals, camp directors, etc. (that's four PER graduate!). Ministries like Atlantic Coast Baptist College’s “product.”

 Unfortunately, we cannot cut each graduate into four pieces to meet all the demands for laborers! We need more students to train for Christ’s ministry! Please pray that we will have more students this fall.

 Below are some of our graduates and their ministries.


Mrs. Kristi England, (Class of 2014) serves as a local church choir director, college and Christian school music teacher, and youth director’s wife.


Miss Jonelle Pinckney (Class of 2014) serves as a Christian school teacher, bus worker, Sunday school teacher, and choir member.


Mrs. Joanna Fenkart (Class of 2014) serves as a Christian school teacher, choir member, Sunday school teacher, and instrumentalist.


Mr. Joshua Fenkart (Class of 2014) serves as college teacher and staff member, choir member, church visitation and bus director, and soulwinning training teacher.